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who stays here

an exploration in living

We arrived in 2006 with our ideas about how we might shape this place to help bring forth a vision that we did not yet fully understand. Fortunately money, or a lack of it, slowed us down before we made too many irreparable decisions and mistakes. By the time the house and it’s attendant structures and systems were in place an evolution in our thinking about why we were here was already underway. This was our pathway to understanding what it means to partner with a place, to begin thinking not of what the land could do for us but how we might also return in kind what was needed by the land and the life that it supported.

After 15 years and counting, we still think about this every day. It can be challenging whenever we consider some action somewhere on the land and what it’s impact is going to be, but our confidence grows. Observation and small steps has become our mantra.

people and the Ojo

The small (15 mile) Ojo valley was once home to an incredible diversity of life from moose to beavers. Humans, from indigenous folks to 16th century Spanish settlers and into modern times, have all left their mark. Today, encroaching development could easily render the valley one large subdivision. The few remaining large tracts of land such as The Ojo, give hope to many animals that need the Rio Ojo Caliente for survival. Only humans and beavers can change their environments. And in this context, it is people that will keep this valley an oasis for the myriad creatures that visit or live here.