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Structures include buildings, trails, bridges and the like but also include systems that help you to move around the land. All of it is designed to make your stay more meaningful and easier. Our pavilion evolved from an open air portico to the multi-functional space it is today because of how people were engaging the land. The Hogan (pictured right) has become an amazing space after it’s humble beginnings.

We continue to refine and develop all of our structures as needs arise or as issues require. We pay attention to how groups use every system we have in place to find out what needs improving.

buildings and…

One car bridge and two pedestrian bridges move people across the river.

The pavilion has a complete kitchen, indoor and outdoor shower, wi-fi, heat, and several refrigerators. Nearby horseshoe pit. Gas grill.

A number of composting toilets in strategic places.

Multiple trails on the land into adjoining wild BLM lands and Shadow Mtn. trail climbs 1000′ vertical feet.

Ojo Cabin and 26′ ceremonial tipi.

Campground has room for 10 to 15 tents. Parking for ten vehicles or so with overflow parking.

Sweat lodge available with prior notice, and requires preplanning.

Use the link below to view details of what is here!

who we are

Little did we know the journey we were beginning!.

Glenna Gerard

Dave Wassil