It is in deep stillness that clear, purposeful movement arises.

Walkabout is a gift you give yourself. The world does not create spaces for us to 'go Walkabout'. We do.

The Walkabout is an opportunity to consciously choose to 'push the pause button' and create a time for yourself. To explore a challenge or a question you care deeply about. To simply listen, without distraction, for your own wisdom about what is needed for self-care, full expression and joy at this particular time in your life. To breathe deeply and regenerate your sense of meaning and purpose.

The value:

Walkabout is a powerful, heart opening, and creative self-care experience.

You will return home with:

---A set of indigenous-based reflective practices you can
continue to utilize to deepen your listening and discernment as new questions and/or challenges arise in your life and work
---Real, practical benefits, aligned with the intention you set for your walkabout
---New levels of inner peace and gratitude for your life
---Renewed vitality
---Regenerated and realigned purpose
---New insights and the wisdom to make powerful choices, clear next steps
---A distinct experience of the Power of Place and specific practices for accessing this in your home environment
---Access to a network of people who have come Walkabout over the last 10 years, along with the opportunity to participate in quarterly calls and periodic gatherings

I guarantee you will thank yourself for this 'pause'.

For more details on walkabouts contact Glenna by using our 'Contact Us' link in the main menu. To learn how the Power of Place makes the Walkabout a unique experience watch Walkabout with the Power of Place


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