Group Terms


All visitors will sign a release form provided by the Ojo, before participating in any program or activity while on The Ojo lands.

Insurance: Organizations and/or group leaders must be covered by liability insurance to bring a group on the land. A copy of this insurance will be required.

The total rate a group is charged will be determined using the schedule of fees listed in the RATES SECTION plus any specific arrangements made with Dave Wassil and Glenna Gerard.

A deposit of $250 (or 10% of the total anticipated fee, whichever is greater) is required to reserve your dates with payment in full due 30 days prior to the event.

Cancellation policy: If you cancel within 30 days of your event 50% of your fee will be refunded. If you cancel 30+ days before your event we will refund your deposit minus $75.

No Trace Deposit:

When a group comes to visit and be with the land we expect that the land will be left in at least as good a state as when your group arrived. We call this 'no trace' and it is an old way of honoring the place that has been your 'home' for a few hours or days. Please build time into the close of your visit to care for 'no trace'. We find it takes an average of an hour for most groups.

Some examples: (We will provide you will a full list as part of your orientation when you arrive.)

        • All garbage has been bagged and the bags taken to the 'trash location'. This includes all recyclables as well.

        • Any structures used have been cleaned and returned to the state that they were found in. This includes sweeping, raking,            chairs, etc.

        • All dishes and kitchen-ware have been washed, dried and replaced where they were found originally.

        • The refrigerator has been cleaned out (do not leave any food) and wiped down.

        • If you have any questions about what else is needed please ask Dave and/or Glenna.

        • If you have rented the cabin no trace does not include the interior of this structure, as this is cleaned separately.

A $100 no trace deposit will be collected from you before or when you arrive and returned to you at the close of your visit by Glenna or Dave contingent on their 'no trace walkthrough'.

Please read the following:

We strongly encourage all groups to include in their program design a 1 or 2 hour segment that is devoted to a project that 'is in service to the land'. The project gives something back to this special place that gives us so much, and would be configured in a way that is suitable to all physical abilities. We have found that the experiences the group gains from this activity collectively and as individuals can be extremely rewarding. We are not requiring this of groups at this time, but suggesting that you consider it. Dave will coordinate with you on project ideas and assist with tools etc. as needed.


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