The Shadow Mountain Trail

The Shadow Mountain Trail climbs to the top of Black Mesa, the dominant landscape of the east side of The Ojo lands. This is a private trail owned by The Ojo and permission is needed to hike here. The trail gains about 1000 feet in elevation over about 1 mile. This is a strenuous hike with many rock steps, and some steep sections, but an easy trail to follow.

The hike is unique, the only developed trail to the top of the mesa, and from the lonely mesa top one has views of all major surrounding landmarks as well as the entire Ojo valley.

You may hire Dave ($50) as your guide along the Shadow Mtn. trail and learn about the history of the area as well as the geology of the region, and a few stories thrown in.

To insure the guided hike, you must reserve Dave at least a week ahead of time with full payment (not refundable) but he may be available on short notice.


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