The Rio Ojo Caliente

The Vallecitos and the Tusas rivers come together in La Madera to form the Rio Ojo Caliente. This small river flows for about twenty miles before joining the Chama river.

All rivers carry water, life-blood of the land and the human body. The Ojo Caliente River nourishes a cottonwood Bosque; 75+ species of birds; and, multiple animals including elk, coyotes, frogs, bobcats, beavers, bear, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, snakes, and more.

Sitting or walking along or in the river, your spirit will be nourished and refreshed. And, the river can also be a powerful teacher. At all times of year it offers itself as a metaphor for life, our life. How are things flowing? What roles do eddies along the banks serve? What happens when the river floods? What elements of landscape define the impact of a flood?

It is easy to forget that this is a wild river. Sometimes we are stunned and sometimes we are lulled but always we are in awe.


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