An Oasis for Reconnection

Have you ever felt yourself welcomed by a place?
You arrive to stay the night or attend a program. You enjoy your stay. But there is something more. You feel something different about this particular place. Perhaps you want stay a little longer or feel a subtle pull when you leave. You and the place have connected. Like a newly recognized friend, you know you will see each other again.

The Ojo is such a Place for many people. They come to these startling 116 acres and walk the trails, sit along the river, hear the breeze moving gently through cottonwood leaves, walk and sit with the night sky. At some point, they receive a gift from The Ojo. It could be a moment of perfect stillness and rest. It could be an instantaneous clarity and knowing in response to a question or situation. It could be a sense of renewal and purpose. Or as simple as a deep knowing that "all is well".

Glenna and Dave, stewards of this land, believe that the whole of life that is The Ojo cares about those who come here whether to take a hike, stay the evening, attend a meeting, or participate in a program, and has something of value to offer each person. Therefore, all the structures you will find here (buildings, trails, programs, spaces, etc.) are created to invite an experience of reciprocal connection with this Place.

                                               Gateway for Groups

                                               Gateway for Individuals

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