The Ojo Pavilion

When the pavilion was first built, it was created as a simple open air utilitarian space. Over the years, as more and more people have visited the land for various reasons, the pavilion has grown and assumed other roles, including that of meeting place, shady nook for reading, socializing venue etc. It still very much functions as the central cooking, cleaning, and shower area, but Glenna and Dave realize the value it brings in enhancing the experiences of those who spend time on the Ojo lands.

This structure and its immediate surroundings continue to evolve to positively reflect the various ways that people interact here, not just with each other, but with the functional aspects as well. The creation of a new kitchen in 2019 freed up much needed space in the main area. More refrigeration makes sure that there is ample food storage for larger groups. Privacy fences, hot showers and other features have come to fruition largely due to observation of how people choose to interact here. Gas heating now makes the pavilion more usable in colder weather and free hi-speed wi-fi arrived in 2016.

A covered portico was finally added which now allows folks to be out of the rain while removing shoes and thus makes it a lot easier for people to keep the pavilion mud and dirt free.

Today the space is very different from how it was originally conceived and constructed in 2008. We continue to observe and put thought into how this area will need and want to change going forward.

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