No Food Allowed

The Ojo is a sanctuary for people and animals too. The Rio Ojo Caliente and its flood plain are critical to many animals that call this area home. It is our intention to coexist with the local wildlife as best we can and to lessen our negative impacts that might discourage animals from visiting our Bosque.

You can help by keeping all of your food at the pavilion. Cooking in the campground area or at the cabin is an invitation to animals that they can find hard to resist. Nothing that you have with you to eat is anything any animal should also consume. Once animals such as coyotes, become conditioned to eating food or scraps that you leave behind, their behavior has been compromised and they become susceptible to sickness or death.

Food scraps invite mice, raccoons, and other critters. Rodents in particular, attract snakes such as rattlesnakes. Smelly food thrown casually into the brush rots and the smell can be alluring to many animals.

By concentrating our food and garbage nearer to our house where there are lights and plenty of activities that discourage animals from coming around, we are at the same time encouraging those animals to continue their regular foraging routines in the Bosque. Our mere presence here in the Bosque, has consequences, but let's all make those as slight as possible.


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