Cholla Labyrinth

The patterns of the labyrinth, which date from pre-historic times, came to be applied to any unicursal maze, whether of a circular shape or a square. At the center, a decisive turn brought one out again.

Labyrinths are found across the world. You can think of them in many ways. As symbolic of pilgrimage; people walk the path, moving inward to center or salvation or enlightenment, and then out again bringing any insights with them. When people could not afford to travel to holy sites and lands, labyrinths, meditation and prayer substituted for such travel.

Modern mystics use labyrinths to help them achieve a contemplative state. Walking among the turnings, one can let go of tracking of direction and the outside world, and quiet the mind.

The labyrinth can serve as a metaphor for situations that are difficult to be extricated from and for discovering ways to navigate and move through these without loosing one's way.

What will happen when you walk the labyrinth OnTheOjo? Take a walk in and out of the labyrinth, enjoy the beautiful views while you do, and find out.


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