Intention - a determination to act in a certain way; an intended goal or AIM; a purpose held with focus; a prayer to manifest a reality.

Our intention for 'The Ojo' is to be a Place where you can experience being "untamed, untethered, and at home" in nature. We express this by constantly seeking ways to invite you into multiple experiences in one of the last semi-wild Bosques in Northern New Mexico.

When we arrived on the Ojo lands it was with the usual in-trepidation that often confronts us when we are about to embark on a major life-changing journey. We came with purpose, that being to build a house and create a home. That took two years of very hard and determined work, but in retrospect that was the easier aspect of living here. As we settled in we continued to find ourselves asking 'why else are we here?'.

The answer to this question has time and time again caused us to reflect on our Intention, which has become clear over the last 6 years. We are partners with this Place we call The Ojo, and intend to do what is needed to create opportunities for every individual who comes here to be welcomed and experience the gifts the Place holds for them.

Our dream is that your time here will contribute to your ability to live your life fully and with joy and contribute your gifts to our world.

For descriptions of the many natural and man-made structures and activities waiting for you, hover on Sweet Blue and continue to explore the rest of this site.


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