The Ojo Hogan

A number of years ago a workshop about beavers was held in the pavilion. The turnout was overwhelming for that space so Glenna and Dave decided to bring an idea for a dedicated meeting space into reality. The Ojo Hogan was born!

In 2018 the Hogan is undergoing complete renovation. An adobe floor was laid down on July 7th. In May, wall sections were added and window installation was completed in late June. Doors have been added and siding installed. By late 2019 the Hogan will be completely insulated, the new ceiling should be finished along with a new 24V inverted electrical system. We are excited about the opportunities that the Hogan will provide for groups staying here on The Ojo!

We would like this place to be open to possibilities that others may imagine and that fit with the overall vision and sensibility of the Ojo lands.

Read more about the Hogan and how you may use it...


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