The Ojo Hogan

Many years ago a workshop about beavers was held in an older version of the pavilion. The turnout was overwhelming for that space so Glenna and Dave decided to bring an idea for a dedicated meeting space into reality. After searching and finally locating the area to build the structure, the Ojo Hogan was born!

Originally, the Hogan was a simple screened in octagon with a dirt floor. A solid wooden floor was added a number of years later. Several more years passed and it was noted that water infiltration and rodents etc. were making the Hogan unusable. A decision was made to give it a major makeover!

We never envisioned what this place was going to become!
Today, after adding windows, doors, wiring, insulation and an inspiring adobe floor we have created a truly wonderful and beautiful place for groups to gather. Individuals come here too, to meditate, stretch, write or just hang out. We continue to hold this place so that it can be open to possibilities that others may imagine and that fit with the overall vision and sensibility of the Ojo lands.


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