Things you should know!

THANK YOU!... for bringing your wonderful energy to this place and for choosing to be part of a group that has chosen to spend some of its time here on this land Glenna and Dave call The Ojo! There is some information below, that will enhance your stay here and we appreciate your consideration for taking a few minutes to read through it...Dave and Glenna

In 2020 we are converting to a new pricing schedule. Pricing will be a single flat rate for use of The Ojo up to twenty adults. Please see our Rates section to find out more!

BOLADS and OTHER GROUPS: A CAMPING PLAN is REQUIRED for ten or more individuals. See   CAMPING TIPS on THE OJO  to understand what we are asking of you.

'Point', who might also be referred to as Group Leader, is the one to contact for more specific information concerning your group's visit. However, the information on this page should answer many questions you might have.

HOGAN: The Hogan is evolving and people are welcome to spend time in this place. Respect the new floor by removing shoes, and it is expected that you take all of your belongings with you when you leave, leaving the space as you found it. Camping in the Hogan is not allowed.

TAKE NOTE: We are strongly encouraging you to walk while on The Ojo! It is our intention to limit driving access to the pavilion for loading and unloading only. If you have special needs, very small children or babies, you may want to consider whether or not you should stay here. The shortest way to the pavilion is over the Ojo Rainbow and the suspension bridge is always available. Thank you for using one of these two beautiful river crossings and respecting the privacy of Dave and Glenna by not walking past their house.

Group members are usually met at the gate upon their arrival. We generally do not share the combination to the gate without meeting visitors first. Letting Dave and 'point' for your group know your expected arrival time is paramount.

All group leaders, i.e. 'point', and ALL campers SHOULD read more about how to make your camping stay here on The Ojo more successful and easier. Please set up tents in designated sites only! If confused about what is available for tents or not its always a good idea to ask before acting.

                      Click   CAMPING TIPS on THE OJO

We strongly ask that there be no cooking in the campground or cabin.

                      Click FIND OUT WHY to read more.

Store all food at the pavilion. In 2019 a new kitchen has been built. More food storage has been added, more refrigeration, more counter space and easier to keep clean. You are expected to keep this brand new facility CLEAN! That means individuals should plan their time to allow for cleanup after every meal.

ALL visitors, whether here for multiple nights or just for a dinner with friends, MUST sign a RELEASE.

              Download and bring a signed release with you to lessen the hassle. Click DOWNLOAD RELEASE  print it, sign and bring                 with you!  Note: If you have the function to sign a .pdf on your computer or device, you may do so and email the signed               copy. Address available through 'point' for your group. Signed releases are good for three years.

If you have not been to The Ojo before and need driving directions contact 'point' for the link.
The Ojo and the Rio Ojo Caliente are subject to flash flooding in the rainy season.

                      Click   ABOUT FLOODS ON THE OJO to find out more.

Pavilion parking is for loading and unloading of food and supplies. Access to this parking may be restricted by a LOCKED GATE. Campground parking has been expanded in August of 2018 and you are asked to park there unless you need to transport something to the pavilion that cannot be carried over the Rainbow. 'Point' can explain more if you have questions.

There is specific information about the cabin systems that you need to know before occupying the cabin. Cabin guests MUST meet with Dave before they take occupancy of the cabin. If you DO NOT DO THIS you will NOT be able to access the cabin, as the cabin will most likely be locked. Contact Dave, or 'point' before your scheduled arrival time, and plan accordingly. Guests are STRONGLY ADVISED to learn more about the cabin by visiting the cabin section of this website!

TAKE NOTE: In 2020 a new fee schedule will go into effect. We will no longer charge an individual camping rate, rather there will be a single fee for the entire group stay. This fee will include the Ojo Cabin. Please inquire.

What's new in 2020?

In 2020 our fee schedule will change. There will be a single set amount for a group. We will allow twenty adults. Each kid under 13 will be considered 1/2 an adult. For instance 16 adults and 8 kids under 13 would be twenty adults for calculation sake and the group would be maxed out. This set fee includes the Ojo Cabin and it will be up to the group to decide how they will split up the financial obligations. Please inquire.

To find out more about the Ojo Cabin, visit the Cabin section of the website. The Ojo Cabin comfortably accommodates 2 adults if they share the queen bed but it is possible to set up our comfy cot in the loft.

The pavilion is a fully enclosed structure that is not only beautiful and practical, but also now contains a fully equipped kitchen complete with a gas range. The kitchen addition, completed in Summer of 2019 has now freed up room in the pavilion to relieve crowding when we have twenty adults in the space at one time. This new addition has plenty of counterspace, a new and larger sink and more storage. A third refrigerator has been added for additional food storage. Groups are expected to keep this space clean, and store coolers etc. outside and insure that no personal items are stored on the floor.

              All campers are asked to read more about The Ojo and the pavilion by clicking   THE PAVILION on THE OJO

In 2020 we are asking visitors to consider the following questions:
Are the containers I am bringing onto The Ojo reusable?
Can I reduce my use of 'disposable' plastic?
Do I have with me a refillable water bottle?

Simple solutions to common issues can play a big part in creating change through example. Rio Arriba County no longer recycles glass. Glass containers that come onto The Ojo stay on The Ojo unless you take them with you when you leave, and at this time we do not require that you do so. The growing pile of glass bottles and containers that you may see near the pavilion parking will, some day, become the 'Bottle Dome' or another bottle structure.

In April of 2018, a group staying here raised a question about the quality of the water here on The Ojo. We have a deep well and when it was originally developed, testing showed no unusual levels of bacteria or arsenic, one of the chemicals tested for. New Mexico groundwater in general often contains minerals and our water is slightly alkaline as a result. Glenna and I over the past 16 years have experienced zero issues with our water.

HOGAN UPDATE: The Hogan renovation is nearly complete! The adobe floor was poured on July 7th, 2018, and the remainder of the interior, new windows, mudded walls and vaulted ceiling were finished in 2019! Please respect this space by removing shoes before entering and by taking all of your belongings with you when you leave. Please leave this space as you find it!

In 2015 Glenna and Dave began designing a two hour 'service to the land' segment into ALL the programs that they conduct on The Ojo. This has proven to be hugely popular. Beginning in 2017 we are 'encouraging' all individuals who are part of a group that assembles on The Ojo to participate in an 'service to the land' activity. We will post on our information board on The Ojo suggested projects and activities for anyone who chooses to participate. We welcome your input!

The campground and parking are constantly evolving to make the camping experience more rewarding. Lately, Russian Olive removal in and around the campground has and is transforming the area and unlocking its real beauty. Also within the northern section of the campground we have created a 'Medicine Wheel', and a new trail from the main camping area to the Rainbow has been created due to erosional issues along the old river trail. A few improvements have been added to the Rainbow including a ramp on the east side.

We are encouraging visitors to The Ojo to bring a 'brightening object' to place on The Ojo while you are camping here. You may leave this here upon your departure or you may take it with you. The group can decide where a 'common altar' might be, or when appropriate you may offer your object to the land in a spot that you choose. You may also bring a rock from your home, that 'speaks' to you, and leave this in the rock garden in front of Dave and Glenna's house.

Optic fiber finally arrived in the Ojo valley thanks to a stimulus grant Kit Carson Elec. Coop received in 2010. Service came to The Ojo in June of 2016 and we offer free wi-fi at the pavilion. You can now be comfortable in any weather and take care of your internet related business.

The spectacular Ojo Rainbow spans 67 feet and is now the most direct way from the campground to the pavilion. The bridge site was located in April of 2017 and construction began in May of that year. The 3 arches were assembled and raised as a single unit on June 28 and the decking was completed on Aug. 1. You can still use the Ojo Suspension bridge but you are going to love The Rainbow too!

'Unloading Only' parking near the pavilion is designated as an area to unload food from vehicles to the pavilion. This parking will accommodate 2 or 3 cars at a time. There is no other parking allowed once you drive over the car bridge.

When groups camp on The Ojo they also get exclusive use of the Hogan. The Hogan is a great place to meditate, stretch, or just sit in and enjoy the ambience.

If the timing works, and it often does, Dave does shuttles to and from The Ojo, to and from ABQ Sunport and Santa Fe. If more than one person is being picked up or delivered it is quite affordable. Inquire if you need this service.

Click Facilities to learn more about what The Ojo has to offer.


All groups should have a 'point'. 'Point' will ensure that ALL in their group and visitors to The Ojo grounds, whether for a meal, a day, or overnight, sign a Release and READ the Ojo Guidelines (below). 'Point' will be responsible for conveying to the group pertinent information from Dave and Glenna, as well as bringing group concerns to us. 'Point' will make sure that the pavilion is returned to the condition in which it was when the group first arrived. 'Point' is also responsible for organizing their group and letting Dave know beforehand if there are any special needs.

Repeat campers are the best tool available for introducing the various systems in place on The Ojo to new campers. Keep up the good work!

Some mutual agreements

We agree to make your stay here as easy and friendly as is possible! Dave pays attention to the details and does his best to make sure that your needs as far as staying on the land goes, are fully met.

In the spirit of 'No Trace' you agree to engage the land and facilities as a guest and as a co-creator and loving caretaker. We appreciate your listening for how to leave The Ojo even more beautiful than you found her. In addition, there is a set of "Guidelines for Being on The Ojo" that all visitors are responsible for. These are posted in the Pavilion and your point person has a copy as well.

              We ask that ALL campers read the Ojo Guideline Information by clicking VIEW GUIDELINES

You agree to be responsible for other friends that you bring onto the land while staying here, and we agree to welcome them.

We have hidden costs such as insurance, and everyone who visits the land shares these costs as part of the fee to stay on the land.

Our insurance carrier requires a 'Release of Liability' waiver from everyone who visits The Ojo. You agree to sign a waiver and if you have already done so, to resign a new waiver every three years, and you also agree that you will have any guests you bring to The Ojo do so as well. To download the waiver click link below.

Energy exchange - You agree to CONSIDER contributing a minimum of 2 hours during your stay to working co-creatively to help maintain and beautify this place, The Ojo, that nurtures each of us in so many ways. We agree to acknowledge your unique contribution. Consider having work clothes and gloves available.


Financial Exchange

'Point' is the person in the know about payments and how much.

Payment Options

By check.
Credit Card or via our website store.(add 3%)

Suggested Service Projects

We are always looking for ways that visitors to The Ojo can contribute to the well-being of the land. The ways that you can participate are evolving and we appreciate your input. Speak with Dave for clarification about the following.

Spend some time on an ongoing erosion control project.

Beautify your camping area.

Trail maintenance helps everyone better appreciate this place. You can help!

Make the pavilion a more special place. Add your loving touch!

Spring runoff in 2017 and 2019 caused some major erosional issues along the river. Simple structures of wire may require filling with rock found in the near riverbed. A few minutes time can make a difference.


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