In Service to your Goals

Glenna and Dave welcome groups whose purpose is aligned with the values of The Ojo. Come stay in our lovely cottonwood canopied campground along the banks of the Rio Ojo Caliente and experience how the intention and activities of your group are held and amplified by the diverse beauty and energy of this land.

The Ojo is a sanctuary for joyful connection with the natural world, deep listening and clear discernment and action that foster the wellbeing of all Life. A place to reconnect with and strengthen Purpose. A place for creating the conditions for collective wisdom to arise among a group of people. A place for council, dialogue, and ceremony. A place to walk in beauty with your Self and others.

You come here with your own agenda. We offer ways to support it. Whether you simply desire a nurturing place to assemble or somewhere that supports your 'hands on' learning experience, we are here to help provide it.

We create the conditions that allow your group or organization the chance to bring your unique talent and energy here for exploration and growth. The infrastructure that we have created, such as our dining and cooking pavilion, trail system, sweat lodge, medicine wheel and more, was done so to better enable groups of all types to be on the land and in a unique natural setting of classic New Mexico Bosque, wild desert and high mesa top.



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