Group Rates

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2019 Available Options

In 2019 there are now two options for group use of the Ojo lands. Bolads group members should contact 'point' for rate information.

Groups may have exclusive use of The Ojo on a day use basis.

All overnight use of The Ojo now includes the Ojo Cabin to be used as the group sees fit, and use of The Ojo is exclusive.

What's included?

All groups have access to the Hogan, pavilion, Ojo toilets, one year-round hot shower and one seasonal (April to October).

Overnight groups have use of designated tent sites (about 20) and all facilities including the Ojo Cabin.

The tipi, and Ceremonial Fire ring may be used by any group with permission.

The sweat lodge may be used with permission and should be reserved before your group arrives on The Ojo.

All groups get access to all trails.

Click FACILITIES to view complete details of what is here.

All group leaders, i.e. 'point', and ALL campers are asked to read more about how to make your camping stay here on The Ojo more successful and easier. Click   CAMPING TIPS on THE OJO

Money talk...In 2019 we are simplifying our rate system

You should know that 90% of the monies collected on The Ojo stay on The Ojo and get reinvested in helping to sustain this place!

Book The Ojo for the day:  $150, up to 25 people.

Overnight Use ( includes The Ojo Cabin ) : $120 for first 6 individuals; Add $15/per person after that. Rates may change depending on total number and length of stay.

Day Use hours are 7am to dusk. One overnight 'stay' is 7am to 11am following day. Maximum overnight group size is 20 individuals.

Prices above do not include NM GRT of 6.785%

In 2020 we will charge a single rate for all overnight use up to 20 adults. Kids under 13 will count as 1/2 an adult for counting purposes.

The single overnight use fee (to be determined) for The Ojo will still include The Ojo Cabin. A discount may apply depending on total length of stay.

A deposit will be required for all groups, including Bolad's, 30 days prior to the planned arrival day of the group.

A camping plan will be required of all groups whose size is ten or more individuals.

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