Facilities and Features of The Ojo

The Ojo Cabin

The cabin is available for rent to anyone on a daily basis year round. Some cabin guests stay multi-days. The cabin comfortably accommodates two adults, with one queen bed, 12V electricity, Thetford 'Curve' RV toilet, shower and heat.

          • Overnight group rates include the cabin.

The Hogan

The Hogan is off the grid, fully enclosed and insulated. The new adobe floor was poured in July of 2018, along with the installation of new doors and windows. In 2019 a new vaulted ceiling was constructed. An inverted 24V electrical system will be added in 2020. Camping in the Hogan is not allowed as this is a meeting place and a spot for meditation, reflection or other activities.

The Pavilion

The pavilion is the place to go for cooking, dining or hanging out. The new kitchen was added in 2019 and the interior was refurbished with new windows. Propane heat takes the chill off on cold mornings. Our new optic fiber arrived in June of 2016, and the pavilion is the place to utilize the high speed wi-fi free of charge. A section of the pavilion has carpet, perfect for an early morning stretch or yoga session.

The Tipi

There is a 26-foot ceremonial tipi situated in a lovely cottonwood/meadow setting. Groups would be expected to clear with Glenna how the tipi would be used.

Fire Circle

Our Ceremonial Fire Circle was built by a Council group in the summer of 2016. This amazing place is the spot for dialog, discussions with intent, or special ceremonial needs. Many people can be in Council here at once and soak up the energy of this place.

Sweat Lodge

The Sweat Lodge framework was originally built by a group camping on the land In August of 2016. Where this structure is, will now be the dedicated site for all future sweat lodges on The Ojo. This beautiful and still evolving site is located approximately 100 yds upstream of the suspension bridge and has stairs to make the riverbed easily accessible.

Medicine Wheel

This lovely ceremonial space was created with love in May of 2018. Groups can meet under a canopy of leaves overlooking the river.


There are a number of composting toilets with paper, placed conveniently on the land and at the campground/Hogan area. Dave services these as needed and groups give them only minimal attention; as in alerting Dave if there is a problem.

The Campground

The campground was expanded in 2016 and again in 2018 and can handle a fairly large group up to 20 and 12 or more tents. Several remote sites are situated along the river. It is not suitable for RVs. Groups that camp have exclusive use of the camping area and the Hogan, and all facilities.

The Trails

A number of well maintained trails access all areas of the Ojo grounds including Shadow Mountain, a section of Black Mesa on the east side of the property. A well defined 1.5 mile loop trail wanders through the amazing BLM badlands to the west of The Ojo.

Ojo Suspension Bridge

ALL visitors to The Ojo lands are strongly encouraged to use the Ojo Suspension Bridge or The Ojo Rainbow to access the west side of the property, pavilion etc. All cabin guests are asked to access the cabin via the Suspension Bridge bridge as well, with cabin parking conveniently located.

Ojo Rainbow

This beautiful and spectacular arch bridge, spanning 67 feet, was completed in August of 2017. It is located very centrally and is the preferred way to access the west side of the river. From the camping area a new trail leads directly to the bridge and this would be the easiest way to reach the pavilion (a three or four minute walk), tipi and labyrinth.

Cholla Labyrinth

There is a 'classic' seven-ring labyrinth on the Ojo lands. It is situated on a section of the bluff, which defines the western edge of the Bosque.


All visitors to the land are asked to park in the main campground parking area except cabin guests. There is overflow parking available in the meadow, near the purple climbing wall.

Cabin guests park in the loop closer to the suspension bridge. Exit the main parking area to the north on a small road that passes east of the Hogan.

Park only long enough to load or unload at the pavilion parking area and loop.

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