The Desert

The Ojo is located in the upper reaches of Sonoran desert. The riparian habitat of the flood plain lies in stark contrast to the surrounding land. Leave the valley and lush vegetation gives way to much more sparse plants of the desert, such as pinon/juniper, cholla and other cacti, desert shrubs and flowers; along with eroded and haunting landscapes.

The steep juniper covered slopes of Shadow Mountain to the east, lead to a high and dry mesa top of desert grasses and sage, a thousand feet above the river. This is contrasted by the desert 'badlands', with fantastic formations carved in the soft sediments to the west. Each of these unique places offers true solitude.

Many animals that primarily live in either of these environments frequent the Ojo valley. It is our intention to be a haven for these critters, hence our reluctance to have pets, which many wild animals find stressful, and some find tasty.


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