Day Use on The Ojo

In 2016 we are offering the opportunity for visiting The Ojo for the day!

What can you do here?

How about a 1000 vertical foot hike up the beautiful and challenging Shadow Mountain Trail! Or a visit to some incredible desert landscape. How about a swim in a pool of the Rio Ojo Caliente on a hot afternoon?

When you visit for the day, you get access to 116 acres of diverse landscapes from high desert to riparian cottonwood/willow Bosque. You have use of all facilities except the Ojo Cabin (tipi with permission only), trails, and labyrinth. You can hike the spectacular Shadow Mountain Trail, explore the amazing desert 'badlands' adjacent to The Ojo on our west side, spend some time bird watching in the Bosque, cool your heels in the gentle Rio Ojo Caliente, stand in an archaeologic site, or picnic...the list goes on!

Look through this website to find out more about what we have to offer.

We allow limited numbers of visitors at any time so you always have quality time while on the land and will have no problem finding solitude. We are wildlife friendly and do not allow pets. Our Bosque has been and is being restored to reflect the natural beauty that is inherent in the riparian habitat.

Tell me more!

Your fee to visit and enjoy this amazing place is 100% reinvested in the land. You support our efforts to keep and to make this land accessible by simply visiting and enjoying!

Your contribution is only $20/per person and kids 12 and under are free when accompanied by an adult! After confirming your date you can pay easily through our convenient On Line Store.

If you need more information, please make your request via our contact form in this website.


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