Way of the Council

The Way of the Council is a process, supported by a series of medicine wheels and practices from a bundle of teachings called The Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge.

The Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge have their lineage in the Mayan teachings of Quetzacoatl. The Way of the Council sat at the core of the governance structure in the community. It was used to tap universal wisdom around questions of concern to the People, to build understanding among them, and to aid the People in making wise choices.

A medicine wheel is an ordered map of consciousness and energies that we live with everyday. Like any map, medicine wheels enable us to make wise choices for ourselves and all Life as we walk the territories of our lives.

The Way of the Council provides a holistic system of lenses for viewing and engaging an issue or challenge for which one is seeking further understanding and guidance. The wheel's power lies in 8 perspectives that build on one another. As the whole of the wheel is engaged one gains distinct and new insights into current reality and recommendations for action that consider and act to strengthen, the overall system you belong to. The Way of the Council can be utilized by individuals and families; groups and teams; organizations and communities -- making it of value in many contexts.

Glenna Gerard is a committed student of the teachings and has been granted permission by WhiteEagle Woman, Keeper of the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge, to teach the Way of the Council.

To view a video of Glenna speaking about the Way of the Council click the following link: VIEW COUNCIL WHEEL VIDEO


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