The Ojo Suspension Bridge

The Ojo Suspension Bridge was conceived in 2014. Design work began in early summer of 2015, with construction beginning in August of that year. The bridge was completed in October 2015, and paid for with revenue from the Ojo Cabin. It was designed for pedestrian traffic and has a 36" wide deck. The span is 64' and its low point is about 8' above the river bed. The bridge can handle three adults or four children.

Why build a bridge?

The bridge will shift the experience of many who visit the Ojo lands. Future cabin guests and others will park on the east side of the Bosque and approach the cabin and land via this bridge. This enables us to shape that important first impression and for those returning, help them to rethink their relationship with the land.

Lately we have been putting more attention into the east side Bosque and the bridge makes this area more accessible, rather than just via our auto bridge. Located almost halfway from our southern and northern ends of the property, the footbridge also affords convenience to walkers.

To view a .pdf file with more technical information about the bridge click TECHNICAL INFORMATION


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