The Ojo Bosque

Bosque, a Spanish word for forest, designates the wooded flood plain of the Rio Ojo Caliente. Our cottonwood/willow Bosque is in fact an endangered habitat. Very little Bosque is left in New Mexico due to urban developments and farming activities in the valleys of all of our rivers, including the Rio Grande, Chama and Ojo Caliente. Many animal species rely on the Bosque for their survival, including beavers.

On the Ojo, we try to manage our 50 acres of Bosque with preservation in mind and have been removing Russian olive to help restore a better balance of vegetation. Russian olive, a non-native tree, chokes off sunlight and out-competes many native plants. We are a work in progress and one can observe the comeback of many areas now clear of Russian olive for 5 years or more.


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