The Ojo is a sanctuary for people and animals too. The Rio Ojo Caliente is critical to many animals that call this area home. It is our intention to coexist with the local wildlife as best we can and to lessen our negative impacts that might discourage animals from visiting our Bosque.

Many of these animals are nocturnal and each new day brings myriad tracks. Beavers have shown us that the dams they may create in the spring, keep water in an otherwise dry riverbed later in the summer. Coyotes are very social and there are few sounds as refreshing as a distant pack talking amongst themselves. Raccoons frequent our compost pile, and the occasional bear wanders along the river.

There have been no negative encounters between any person and any animal here on the Ojo. The Bosque abounds with lizards in the summer and we see some snakes including several rattlesnake sightings per season. Almost nightly, elk come to graze on the thick grass of the Bosque. We are fortunate to find ourselves surrounded by such a vibrant population.


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